HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Mystery Vs. History” Review

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER "Mystery Vs. History" Season 7, Episode 6 – I’ve got a couple of friends who have only seen a handful of How I Met Your Mother episodes and in the process of telling me how much they hate the show, they inevitably begin a character analyses trying to convince me that my favorite TV pals are totally obnoxious.

Tonight, Kevin did that work for them and laid out all of the reasons that the How I Met Your Mothergang is a group of "co-dependent incestuous control freaks." While my HIMYM-hating friends might look at his analysis as a great list of all the reason these characters are despicable, it only made me love these flawed characters all the more.

How can you not laugh at Ted and Marshall’s separation anxiety or their stupid poop texts? Their juvenile social behavior is what makes them relatable to those of us who are fully functioning in an adult world, but who don’t feel totally grown up. I can’t really relate to Lily’s Survivor guilt, or the emotional extortion among the group, but I’ll happily watch the folks on How I Met Your Mother slap the living daylights out of one another to the tune of Murder Train any day of the week. Read More...


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