HOUSE “Charity Case” Review

HOUSE "Charity Case" Season 8 Episode 3 – Prison Break star Wentworth Miller returns to FOX with a guest spot on this week’s new House episode, "Charity Case". Miller is playing an overly generousmillionaire named Benjamin who collapses after donating a million bucks to a local charity.

Next we see House "shaving" his head. I was a bit bummed that he didn’t go a bit shorter, instead it just looked like he cut an inch off the top. Lame. Anyway, apparently he’s making himself look all spiffy for his hot new employee, Odette Annable’s Dr. Adams! Apparently fulfilling the eye candy quota in 13?s absence, and unfortunately throwing a large disparity in attractiveness between her and Charlyne Yi. I really loved the back and forth between Park and Adams. Actually, that’s got a nice ring to it. If this whole House thing doesn’t work out, I want to see a spinoff called "Park and Adams"! I can see the billboard now: Yi and Annable standing back to back with their arms crossed, looking at the camera with attitude! I want a producer credit, FOX. Read More...


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