TERRA NOVA “The Runaway” Review

TERRA NOVA "The Runaway" Season 1 Episode 5 – This week’s installment of FOX’s new dino-series, Terra Nova, provided some much needed explanation and backstory of the Sixers. "The Runaway" started with the titular runaway being hunted down by the Terra Nova guards, and upon questioning she reveals her name is Leah Marcos and that she has been living with the Sixers. It was nice to finally get a little insight into the Sixers camp and how things are run, as the scared little runaway girl told us that if she returns to the Sixers camp that she’ll be hurt by Mira. I wouldn’t have thought that the Sixers camp would be a delightful place to live, but hearing more about Mira’s oppressive ways really helps us root against her as the main villain of the show.

When it’s decided that little Leah would stay in Terra Nova, guess where it’s decided that she lives? That’s right, the only house in the whole universe that already has three kids living there. It seemed an overly convenient way to get her together with the Shannons, but if I was them I would keep her as far away as possible from that creepy Zoe kid. Seriously, has that kid said more than two words since the premiere? Here’s a kid that’s grown up being shoved into a closet whenever their house was being checked by population control, and is living with a crushing feeling of guilt that she’s responsible for her father being sent to prison. That’s a future serial killer if I’ve ever seen one. Read More...



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