DOWNTON ABBEY “Episode 5? Review

DOWNTON ABBEY Series 6 Episode 5 – There were some great moments in this episode of Downton Abbey, some seriously character defining arcs, but I cannot remember another show where the editing so obviously ruined the impact of a great scene: like when Daisy and William get married, and the scene is so tragic on so many levels, and suddenly it cuts to Matthew and Mary in the hospital and the maudlin music, instead of fading away, is sharply cut and the scene, whilst absolutely tragic, almost makes Matthew and Mary look like whinging brats compared to William’s marriage on his deathbed. Not to mention the fact that it completely takes out of the moment and destroys all of the beautiful work done by the writing and acting.

For the most pat however this episode finally delivered on storylines it has been building up to and without a stupid duet between Matthew and Mary, it’s a stellar episode with some performances which completely blew my expectations away: Dan Stevens, who has always made Matthew a far more likable character than he has any right to be, gave such a desolate performance as the wounded, impotent, immobilized war hero. He filled his character with such self loathing and scorn that there was one point where I thought Matthew would actually try to kill himself. Read More...


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