'The X Factor' recap: Cheers to Their Wealth

"Welcome back. To The X Factor. And to Frahhhnce!" announced Steve Jones. Time to turn the lights down low at the judges' "homes" -- same day, new two-hour episode. Well, different day. Did everyone enjoy FACING THE MUSIC on a Sunday night for a change? All the votive candles at the end -- teasing Tuesday's two-hour (?!) episode of the judges' deliberations -- made for a really romantic start to my week.

Let's look at the performances from the second half of the top 32, broken down into the four cat-ah-gries: Girls, Boys, Over 30s, and Groups.


Jazzlyn Little: Did you think she'd crumble? The very nervous 16-year-old from Florida sang a Mary J. Blige-esque version of "I Will Survive." I thought it was okay, pretty competent actually. And she's just a kid! But frankly, even though I now believe that she's not faking her nerves, I'm not sure I can stomach Jazzlyn's whole hand-wringing, pearl-clutching shtick before every stage call. I don't need all of my TV to be so terrifying. Just some of it! "I think it's a little high school talent show," said vocal coach Savan. Read More...



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