'Pan Am' recap: Hong Kong Phooey

Wow, this is frustrating. After last week's stellar excursion to West Berlin, this week Pan Am hit a patch of unstable, stagnant air on its journey through the Orient. I can understand how a show with this many moving parts may take some time to find its footing, but with ratings in a bit of a free fall of late, I'm concerned if Pan Am doesn't figure itself out soon, the show could be in for a rough landing.

Horrible aviation puns aside, "Eastern Exposure" made the unfortunate decision to bench one of the show's most compelling characters — Karine Vanasse's Collette Valois — in favor of focusing the spotlight on one of its least — Michael Mosley's Ted Vanderway. Meanwhile, the Cameron sisters continued their wearisome sibling squabbles, Kate continued to prove herself a singularly horrible secret agent, and Maggie continued to be saddled with lines like, "Bob Dylan is an artist! I bet money he'll be famous." But I think Dean took the prize for the Pan Am Groaner "Period" Dialogue of the Week: "Have you read a paper? It's 1963. A new generation leads." Who talks like that, in any time period? Anyhoo, let's get to it — warning, this is going to be a swift journey:



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