Boardwalk Empire 2.04 "What Does the Bee Do?" Review

boardwalk empire

Boardwalk Empire pours along with its fourth entry into season 2 with the cryptic, if deliberately titled "What Does the Bee Do?", which sees a surprising turn in momentum for Jimmy, Eli and the Commodore’s power-play against Nucky as well as a glimpse into several unexplored characters.  Whereas last week’s "A Dangerous Maid" lent a great deal of exploration to family, fathers and sons, "What Does the Bee Do?" explores how powerless we become in our efforts at control.

There’s an old standby I go to whenever someone asks my feelings on Mad Men, specifically one random season 4 scene where Don Draper watches an old man across the hall yelling at his wife about pears.  I recall fellow critics racing to heap symbolism upon the scene, as well as various scenes across the series itself, though I could never see the patterns that weren’t there.  Boardwalk Empire employs a similarly rich tapestry of symbolism and subtlety, one which plays out far more effectively in an episode like "What Does the Bee Do?" Read More...


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