Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episode 15 Review: Desperate Goku!

A bit of a come down from the previous episode, the events themselves are fairly entertaining, but the execution is a little lacking, as well as some of the approaches Kai takes.

For one, the episode isn't as nearly exciting, because most of it is Goku trying to gather energy and avoid being crushed while doing so, and then there's a lot of hand-wringing and shouting when Vegeta ends up getting the better of everyone anyway. It certainly isn't the same quick, high-octane combat as the previous episode, but it is sort of good to see that this battle takes even more than Goku has.

The art and animation wasn't as good as it was in the previous few episodes, even the obviously redrawn and reanimated portions, like Goku's attack on Vegeta's eye. I appreciated some of the flash effects in Goku's Genki Dama forming, but they should have redrawn some of the more awkward bits, like when Vegeta was transforming back to normal. Nothing looked too ugly, but Toei's touch ups are a little inconsistent. Another thing was that the music is still pretty mediocre, and at this point it should be flourishing.

The story arc is coming to its conclusion, probably in the next episode. I always feel bad that Goku learned that Genki Dama technique and it never really pays off, except in the movies, or at the end of the Buu saga. We'll see just how little it does to resolve this conflict next week.

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