Hart of Dixie Photos & Promo: Zoe's Involved in a Town Scandal in Episode 5

Bluebell experienced a heat wave in this week's new episode of Hart of Dixie and the townsfolk went a little crazy.  Despite insisting that she was a straight arrow, even Zoe eventually let herself get a little wild and decided to hook up with Wade.  But when the heat wave broke at the very end of the episode, she decided she couldn't go through with it.

Meanwhile, Lemon was stressed out because George's parents were visiting and they always look down on her.  Her night went from bad to worse when the group relocated to the same restaurant that Lavon and DiDi were visiting on their first date.  By the end of the night, DiDi wasn't eager to go out with Lavon again and Lemon told him there was no way they could rekindle their romance that had ended 6 months ago.

On the October 24 episode of Hart of Dixie, Zoe learns that the town minister (guest star Peter MacKenzie) has syphilis, which his wife - and the rest of the town - is shocked to hear about.  Lemon is also put in an uncomfortable situation when she wants the town to donate funds to renovate the historic bridge, but she has to convince Lavon to pony up the money.



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