'Terra Nova' recap: The New Girl

Welcome back! Gave the dino show another shot, huh? Well this week Terra Nova ditched the crisis-of-the-week format and started toying with some of the serialized elements that the series hinted about in the pilot. In fact, the show introduced a brand new mystery (say it with me now in your best angst-ridden Brad Pitt-in-Seven wail: "What's in the box?!").

We open at night. A couple Terra Nova lookouts work the watch-tower, keeping an eye out for carnosaurs and icebergs. They spot somebody -- a Sixer. There's a lot of rushing around in the dark foliage chasing a mysterious hooded figure. You'd think this would be an easy way for the guards to get killed and they should just start firing away from the tower. At any rate, to their surprise they find the attacker is a grubby little girl. Read More...



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