House Review: "Charity Case"

Is there ever a gift too large?  And is it really selfless to give a gift if it makes the giver feel good?  In tonight's episode, "Charity Case" House assumes that one man willing to give away almost everything he has for the betterment of others must be sick.  This episode reminds me of a number of other House episodes including season 4's "No More Mr. Nice Guy," where a patient's generally great attitude about everything was a symptom, and the season 6 episode "Instant Karma" where a billionaire who thought that bad things were happening to his child because everything else in his life was so great.  In that episode, the billionaire gave everything away to try and strike a universal balance. I'm not mentioning these past episodes to point fingers at the series and say, look, we've done this before (even if the series has). 

What this series does well, and has always done well, is explore issues repeatedly and thoroughly to come at every ethical issue at every angle.  Shock of all shocks, I liked the ideas that tonight's episode explored.  And that's not because some commenters bullied me into it.  I didn't love the episode on the whole, but it did make me think, which I can appreciate.  Read More...


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