Rachel nominates Hayden and Kristin on Big Brother

On Sunday's Big Brother, Rachel has to make her nominations. Its pretty simple and I'm happy that the show didn't really give it a lot of time. It instead they put the time on the big fight between Rachel and Kristin. There is a huge aftermath of drama after Andrew's speech. A lot of the floaters are relieved that the target isn't on them especially Britney.

A movie night challenge was played. The house guests played to win a chance to watch a movie and get away from the game in a separate room. Brendon, Hayden, and Enzo won the luxury prize and Rachel is HOH so she joins them in on it. They will show the luxury night on another night. After the challenge, the focus went to Rachel's nominations.

Everyone was kissing Rachel's butt except for Kristin. I love how when Rachel is in power and her best friend all of the sudden is Britney. Britney knows how to kiss the right butt and is fake. She's playing both sides like Matt. Rachel ended up picking Kristin up. Its a solid choice because she was yelling at Rachel. Rachel puts Kristin's showmance partner Hayden up against Kristin. There are bigger targets out there if she knew about the brigade.

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