How I Met Your Mother 7.06: "Mystery vs. History" Review

how i met your mother

"Sweet mother of god!"

Was the information about Janet Wagner (guest star Amber Stevens) in tonight’s How I Met Your Mother really spit take worthy? That would be "no."

For all her awesomeness, I wouldn’t imagine the gang would think Ted NEEDS to know that she graduated Princeton at 15 and did 85 other fabulous things. Granted what her character did can be deemed amazing but with the gang knowing how this information will change his perspective and actions, this recurring joke and spit take just didn’t make sense. I guess I can understand Robin and Barney pressing this but I just don’t buy it for Lily and Marshall.

It’s interesting though how the Internet affects people’s relationships and it was nice to see this addressed in the episode. Nowadays, you can in fact have relationships that take place just over the internet. It’s so weird but so normal. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a person in their 20s or even their 30s who hasn’t googled, facebooked, or twittered a potential date or friend (myself included). Not sure what that says about us as a generation on the whole but I guess this is just the age we live in. Read More...


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