'Two and a Half Men' recap: Cinnamon Runs

It all starts (and ends) with a seemingly innocent pair of sweatpantsAlan and Lyndsey returned home from what I'm sure was a tantalizing date, but Lyndsey symbolically put the kibosh on all bedroom misdeeds by strolling in in her laundry day's best. Which, in all honestly, I was pretty ecstatic about. It saved me from further exposure to the image of Jon Cryer posing in his underpanties. Anyway, "BURP!" Lyndsey was feeling sick from dinner and didn't want to have sex. "I'm so full and bloated from that dinner, it would be like sticking a pin in a balloon," she said. "Can we not call it a pin?" Alan whined. Seconds later, she kicked him out of the bedroom. Because sleep is always, always more important than having sex with Alan.

But unfortunately, Alan still had a little problem -- he popped some Jimmy Johnson-endorsed ExtenZe! Or maybe it was Bob Dole-endorsed Viagra. Either way, he took it and then he had an erection. Thankfully, his totally platonic roommate Walden was available for some bonding over soft-core porn. This wasn't weird, no, it wasn't awkward to watch or think about at all. They opted for "a collection from the classic era of soft-corn cable porn," the 1992 medieval baking hit Cinnamon's Buns. Ha! More like cinnamon puns. It was an entertaining feature for sure, but things quickly went sour when they realized that Cinnamon was portrayed by none other than Alan's currently prudish girlfriend, Lyndsey. Alan recognized her from her sex noises. Take that how you will. Read More...



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