Hawaii Five-O Review: "Ma'ema'e"

Ma’ema’e: Clean

All our questions about Kono were answered this week as we finally learned if she was "Ma'ema'e" or had truly fallen from grace.

For all of us who weren't fans of the "Evil Kono" storyline, this week was a little extra sweet as it has wrapped up the story line nice and tidy including a well earned punch in the mouth for Captain Fryer. 

Additional, as promised, I want to give a special nod to TV Fanatic Symph2001 who "called it first" that Kono was working undercover for Fryer. Well spotted Symph2001!

From all the discussion in the last few episodes, I wasn’t surprised when Fryer walked in to the interrogation room to get Kono. However, I was surprised that Steve hadn’t bothered to check on Kono in weeks. Only Chin Ho had really been trying to reach out to her. Steve it’s a bit of the pot calling the kettle black when you play all high-n-mighty to Fryer and you had not even check in on Kono once! Read More...



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