'Lying Game' Mid-Season Finale Recap: 'East Of Emma'

Family reunions shouldn't be this fraught. But, considering this is ABC Family, we shouldn't have been too surprised.

On "The Lying Game"'s mid-season finale, Sutton finally found her way back to Phoenix—in time for her birthday and to royally screw with Emma's life. We thought Sutton was a spoiled brat before, but she clearly crossed into mega bitch territory last night.

As I mentioned, it was Sutton's (and Emma's!) birthday, and the Mercers woke the latter with a birthday breakfast in bed. Emma blew out the candle announcing her "bogus wish," which was to runaway and never come back. Even for a "bogus wish," it was a bit ominous. Ethan made his window appearance, wishing Emma a happy birthday, as well, and telling her he was ready to hit the road with her whenever Sutton returned. But Emma wouldn't have any of it; she would stay and confess her secret to the Mercers.

Except, it wasn't that simple. Emma had a moment alone with Kristen, in which the well-meaning mom extolled the virtues of trust, honor and loyalty, and it was all just too much for Emma. Read More...



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