Stanley Tucci's 'Hunger Games' Look: 'It's Very Bizarre!'

With just half a year to go before "The Hunger Games" film is released, fans of the books are growing understandably anxious about the on-screen Games being as gritty, detailed and true-to-the-literary-source-material as humanly possible. But one thing's for sure: Caesar Flickerman, the Oprah of Panem television, is going to be just as you pictured him. How do we know? Because Stanley Tucci told us so!

And if The Tooch says it, it must be real.

"Absolutely," Stanley answered in response to our question about how accurate the cinematic depiction of Caesar will be. "Blue hair and... yeah, it's very bizarre."

You say "bizarre"; we say "glorious"! And according to the actor, great pains were taken to make sure that Caesar's notoriously malleable appearance made the transition to film intact.

"I was in England doing a movie, so we had different wigs made there. And I had some noses made—which we ended up not using—and teeth, and a whole bunch of other things. And when I got to North Carolina, we played around for about seven hours."

And there you have it: a rousing game of Musical Facial Features, followed by a week of filming those pivotal, pre-Games interview scenes. And, Stanley said, "I was only there for about a week, but it was fantastic."

No kidding! We can't wait to see all of Panem's eccentric characters in living color on the big screen. But in the meantime, we'll be watching eBay to see if any of Caesar's discarded noses turn up.

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