Enlightened Recap: The Land of the Mole People

Amy is led to her new subterranean workspace on Enlightened.

We learned last night that Amy has worked at Abbaddon Industries (which, according to the word's Wikipedia page, is Hebrew for the "Depths of Hell," the "place of destruction," and/or "The Destroyer") for fifteen years. Crazy, perhaps, but as a buyer in the health and beauty department, she was on her way to the top until her public freak-out resulted in a spell at a treatment center called Open Air. "It almost crushed me," Amy tells us of Abbaddon. "It almost broke my spirit. But this time will be different. I can change this place. I’m going to show these people what I’m made of. Now’s the time. It’s now or never."

It turns out that Amy’s slow-motion sashay back into Abbaddon HQ at the end of last week’s pilot was a ruse: Amy hasn’t actually been given her dream job of environmental ombudsman, someone to improve the sorry reputation of the company. Her superiors weren’t keen on that idea at all: Not only was the goal contrary to their profit structure, but how can you be the well-meaning outward face of a multi-million-dollar corporation when you went ballistic on your boss in the middle of the office, never mind that he deserved it? Instead, Amy’s been relegated to the data-processing department on Floor H to work on a software program called Cogentiva, which is designed to analyze — what else — the productivity of Abbaddon employees.  Read More....



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