Terra Nova Recap: In Prehistoric Times, Nobody Has Heard of Spies

The young spy in the land of Terra Nova.

Hey, look who’s finally trying to become a captivating TV show! After weeks of revolving around self-contained, one-off plotlines, Terra Nova began its fifth hour with one of the series’ only intriguing elements, the Sixers — now with motorcycles! (But where did they get motorcycles? No one ever tells us, but keep in mind that these are intriguing people we’re dealing with here.) The violently disgruntled rebels once again try to storm the Terra Nova community and, once again, fail. So they retreat, but not without leaving behind a present: a brand-new Fanning girl! Or, rather, Leah, a young, wild-haired Sixer street jungle urchin whose parents died in Nü Texas back in the show’s future-present.

And so Leah becomes the episode’s central figure. Commander Taylor, the military genius who’s never heard the one about the Trojan Horse, decides to keep the little girl in order to gain information on the Sixers. This means Leah will need a home, and the Shannon clan — evidently Terra Nova’s only loving family — are predictably charged with taking her in for the time being, and possibly forever, but probably not forever because, really, this kid’s so not Shannon clan material. Read More...



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