Ringer Photos & Promo: Will Bridget Reveal the Truth in Episode 7?

Unfortunately, this week's episode of Ringer didn't reveal that Henry killed Gemma.  In fact, he completely denied it and accused Bridget/Siobhan of killing her.  In other words, we're just as confused about Gemma's whereabouts as Henry is, assuming he's telling the truth.

When Henry's incessant questioning and suspicion of Bridget became too much, she realized that she had to protect her current life and called in an anonymous tip to the police to report Gemma's disappearance.  Naturally, the police zeroed in on Henry.  But Bridget's plan seems to have backfired when the cops also found her fingerprints on some evidence and called Agent Machado to tell him that his missing witness is in New York City.  Until we learned that Bridget deliberately put her fingerprints on the broken lamp.

Meanwhile, Juliet started at public school and was immediately targeted by the resident bully.  But her new teacher (guest star Jason Dohring) decided to cut her a break and spoke up for her against the principal.

Next week, reruns of Ringer will air, but the show will return with a new episode on November 1. In that episode, Agent Machado starts closing in on Bridget, so she is forced to tell Andrew that she has a twin. The police focus in on Henry again and he becomes a suspect in Gemma's disappearance. Juliet becomes even more of a party girl than she was before and Malcolm is able to escape from his kidnappers.

Below is a trailer for the November 1 episode of Ringer. To view photos for the episode, click the arrows above.



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