Ringer Episode 6 Recap: Bridget's Betrayal

cw ringer

Nothing about this week’s episode of Ringer turned out as I had predicted.  This episode picked up shortly where the last one left off and we saw Henry cleaning up the bloody evidence in his house.  Later, Andrew returned home to tell Bridget he was confused about Gemma’s whereabouts and suggested she look in on her friend the next day.  Bridget did call on Gemma the next morning, but only found her husband.

The thing is, Henry immediately accused Bridget/Siobhan of getting rid of Gemma, which Siobhan had hinted at in a flashback.  Bridget, of course, denied doing anything wrong, but Henry was worried the whole situation would be turned on him.  Only it turns out that Henry didn’t have to worry about someone getting suspicious, because Bridget took care of things, but not in a way that Henry will like.  First, she went to the dumpster where Henry had disposed of the evidence and deliberately touched a piece of the broken lamp.  Then, she called in an anonymous tip about Gemma’s disappearance.

Naturally, the police turned up on Henry’s doorstep post haste and immediately started questioning him about Gemma’s disappearance.  He was clearly thrown, particularly when they asked about the garbage bag full of broken lamp pieces that he had gone to great lengths to hide.  Later, the cops let him go, which is good for Henry, but I have a feeling the case against him is just building. Read More...



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