Parenthood 3.06 "Tales From the Luncheonette" Review


You don't readily associate the concept of risk-taking with a family show like Parenthood. Sure, there's a sizable amount of drama that gets tackled on a weekly basis and you get to delve pretty deeply into most of the characters, but one of the last things you'll see characters do is taking a risk. Family shows are more about safety, comfort, and the familiar, so seeing one of the members of our (TV) family doing something out of the ordinary tends to be pretty pronounced when it's attempted.

"Tales from the Luncheonette" is an episode of Parenthood that's all about taking the leap and stepping out of what makes you comfortable in order to achieve what you want in life. The entire third season has found the family in this weird gray, transitional area and in "Luncheonette", we got to see some real steps toward the Braverman family achieving some serious self-actualization. Word to Maslow.

The first chinks in the Mark/Sarah relationship showed tonight, which I pretty much expected to happen, thus beginning the descent until Jason Ritter's 13th (and final) episode. As much as I love the pairing, the drama the storyline brought tonight was compensation enough for having to see them not be perfect, as Seth's reappearance last week brought out a lot of insecurity in Mark and protectiveness in Sarah. One of Sarah's main faults, of which she is well aware, is her tendency to pick the wrong men, so I liked seeing her have to confront that type of anguish and frustration at a time when she should be on cloud 9. Think about it, she has a good man, her children are doing well, and by all accounts, her career is promising, so Sarah Braverman in season three is doing laps around Sarah Braverman of season one. Then her comes her ex-husband to really shake things up and have her revert back to the same tendencies she had once upon a time. Read More...


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