Sons of Anarchy Review: "Fruit for the Crows"

We don't wanna say we told you so, Clay, but...

"Fruit for the Crows" introduced an entirely new level of danger to SAMCRO, as the worst fears of Bobby, Gemma and everyone else who had questions about making a drug deal with the cartel came to fruition. In the most disturbing, despicable way imaginable.

Using an innocent family to carry out your own hits?!? Damn, Galindo cartel rivals. That's some Gustavo Fring $hit right there. 

Of course, even with this growing threat lingering around the club, it's the deepening chasm from within that may truly bring SAMCRO down. Where else can we start than with Juice?

Man. This was a fatal resolution that wasn't difficult to see coming, yet still walloped an emotional punch. We can thank Theo Rossi for that, as well as the way the show dragged out Juice's dilemma and truly made viewers believe he was left with no option other than to hang himself - and over Miles' unmarked grave, no less. Will anyone realize the connection once they discover Juice's body? I say no. Chibbs may have questions, but the members will forever believe Juice just couldn't handle the fallout from killing a fellow member. Read More...


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