Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episodes 39/40 Review

Got a little behind so decided to do this one as two reviews in one. After Piccolo arrives, he starts fighting Frieza and it look like Piccolo has the upper hand. However Piccolo doesn't feel the same way and noticing that he's not quite up to par with Frieza, he decides to take off his weighted clothing. Frieza realizes he cannot win how things are going, he decides to go on to the next transformation. Becoming the third form, he is a lot faster and stronger than Piccolo is now. Gohan heads to help Piccolo, but as Krillin is about to follow him, Vegeta stops him tells him he might have a way of beating Frieza. (This is where EP 39 ends) Frieza doesn't think much of Gohan's blast at first but soon realizes he's getting pushed into the ground by it. Feeling defeated, he decides to become his fourth and final form. Meanwhile Vegeta reveals to Krillin his plan, which is to be morally wounded and healed by Dende. Krillin does it after a bit of hesitation but it doesn't go well for Vegeta afterwards. Dende refuses to heal him since he killed so many Namekians. He however flies to Piccolo to heal him. Frieza unfortunately observes this and figures out why everyone is coming back to life. When Piccolo is healed, the Nail side of him tells Dende that Vegeta may be the only one to beat Frieza. Dende heals Vegeta reluctantly. When Frieza reaches his final form, he starts by killing Dende so that no one is able to heal up again. Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillin go into attack but every move is dodged. Vegeta is watching the fight while charging up to fight. Gohan finds himself about to receive a direct hit from Frieza's blast.

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