PARENTHOOD “Tales From The Luncheonette” Review

PARENTHOOD "Tales From The Luncheonette" Season 3 Episode 6 – There’s something to be said about a character who is a deadbeat dad, whose only function when it came to raising his children was in the conception area and then to drop by every now and again to screw them up just a little more and screw up their mother with false promises and expectations, then to finally make a return to suck up some money after getting his face smashed in because he’s been drinking too much after getting fired from his band and to ask his wife and kids to support him through his troubles and through rehab like he’s never supported them through theirs, and yet said character is played by an actor so likable and charming as John Corbett that, while still seeming like a complete douchebag, you end up rooting for him and hope that Sarah will dump that bland nice guy played by Jason Ritter.

Because that’s pretty much what happened in this episode. Well, it’s not all, and as usual with Parenthood there was such an eclectic mix of storylines firing from all canisters that if, say, Haddie’s college essay crisis didn’t float your boat, you could get involved in Drew’s first kiss with the perfect girl who likes the most amazing bands only a forty year old would know, but whatever. Read More...


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