RINGER “The Poor Kids Do It Every Day” Review

RINGER "The Poor Kids Do It Every Day" Episode 6 – Things have become CRAZY on RINGER this week!! Siobhan is still in Paris, Gemma is missing, and Henry thinks Bridget/Siobhan is responsible. Juliet has started her first day at public school, and isn’t very happy about it. However, she did surrender her entire stash to Bridget, and for a moment, I honestly thought Bridget was in serious danger of falling off the wagon.

However, she calls up her new sponsor, Charlie, and meets him in a restaurant, where Juliet’s stash is promptly thrown away. I wouldn’t have blamed her if Bridget did take a little dip into the drugs – the poor girl has a lot going on! First, Henry cleaned up the crime scene that was his apartment. He scrubbed down the bloody walls with bleach, got rid of the rags and broken vase, and dumped Gemma’s car in long term parking at JFK. Truthfully, it made him look PRETTY guilty.

So imagine my surprise when he accuses Bridget of killing Gemma. Again, not that I blame him; a flashback shows Siobhan and Henry in the Hamptons, talking about killing their respective spouses. While Henry was kidding, it’s obvious that Siobhan is serious, so it wasn’t that big of a stretch for Henry to conclude that Bridget/Siobhan had disposed of Gemma. Read More...



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