NCIS “Safe Harbor” Review

NCIS "Safe Harbor" Season 9 Episode 5 – In this episode, a family is found on an abandoned ship where a member of the Coast Guard has been shot. The family is seeking asylum but when Gibbs and his team arrive, they are told to hold them and just investigate the shooting. Trouble is, the more they investigate, the more they discover that the family is not who they seem. When the remnants of a massive bomb are found (on the seat of Tony’s pants, no less) they discover that the father started a plan to attack the naval yard and his youngest son is determined to finish it.

Meanwhile the team is on another mission: find a woman for Gibbs. When Tony tried to suggest that he go out with Borin, I had to roll my eyes a bit. Another show with another female version of the male leader, with the rest of the team making jokes that they are made for each other? Didn’t we already do that on Hawaii Five-0 with not so spectacular results? Read More...


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