BODY OF PROOF “Point of Origin” Review

BODY OF PROOF "Point of Origin" Season 2 Episode 5 – Unless you’re a Browncoat, you may notrealize that shows don’t always air in the proper order. Last night’s Body of Proof, "Point of Origin," is a good example of this television anomaly as I believe it was probably meant to be the second episode of the season, not the fifth.

Why? Well, didn’t anyone else find it weird that five episodes after Megan found out about Kate and her ex-husband, she suddenly decided to make it into a big deal? Not to mention the fact that people were just finding out about it when I’m fairly certain I remember it being discussed in the season opener?

Setting that aside, it was a fairly lackluster episode, in spite of Peter pulling a woman out of her burning house in the first couple of minutes. Unfortunately, he missed the fact that someone else was in the house. A lot of time was spent eliminating a red herring suspect, her biological father who the cops were willing to believe killed two people and burned down a house just to avoid being a daddy to a baby he gave up when he was seventeen. Read More...


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