90210 “Benefit of the Doubt” Review

90210 "Benefit of the Doubt" Season 4 Episode 6 – In order to raise money for an experimental cancer treatment for Raj, the gang decides to put on a show in "Benefit of the Doubt," this week’s 90210.

It’s a shame that such a potentially dramatic and heartbreaking story as Raj’s cancer is getting regulated to a plot device that serves to provide former American Idol contests with guest spots. Sheesh, the man is slowly dying; does he really have to go out listening to country music?

But setting that aside for a minute, let’s concentrate on two of my biggest problems with this episode. First (’cause she wouldn’t stand for anything less) there’s Naomi. I’ve been a fan of Naomi’s from day one, despite all the insane things she’s done, but after four seasons of ups and downs and a surprising amount of character growth, I’m very disappointed to see her reverting to type. I thought what she had with Max was real, that he made her a better, more honest woman. Yet all it took was a great set of abs with a southern accent to turn her head. I feel like every time Naomi takes a step forward, she takes two steps back in the very next episode, usually because of some crazy hot guy. Read More...



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