THE X FACTOR (US) “The Final 16 Chosen” Review

THE X FACTOR (US) "The Final 16 Chosen" Episode 9 – So here we have it: the Judges’ Decisions.

Please note this is not who they think is the best performer… but rather the people they think they can win the game with. Because it’s ON now: each of the judges want to WIN.

And I have to remind myself by telling myself this, over and over and over again. To somehow drive through my pea brain the reasoning behind some of the seemingly idiotic choices the judges made today.

Seriously. First a farewell to those who did not make it: Goodbye, Tora Woloshin, I think you deserved to be there, but you will be just as happy fixing cars. And getting tattoos. And more piercings. Goodbye, Christa Collins, you were a good singer, but your voice sounded like it was on helium, and I could not abide that. Farewell, 2Square’d, you were kind of lame. Later days, Nick Voss, please give Vanilla Ice his haircut back. Peace out, Jazzelyn Little, I am truly sad you did not get the nod. You should have made it. Buh-bye, James Kenney, time to don that apron once more, and no crying please! Byebyebye, Illusion Confusion, you confused everyone. Goodbye Skyelor Anderson, you simply weren’t very good. Later days, 4Shore, you weren’t all that special amidst all the other un-special and unimpressive groups. Later gator, Tiger Budbill. I’m not at all shocked. Farewell, Caitlin Koch—wait, WHAT? Oh my god, Simon just let the next Kelly Clarkson go. Goodbye, Brennin Hunt. You were kind of overrated. Later days, The Anser. I thought you were a shoo-in. See y’all later, Tim Cifers, I guess they’re avoiding Country this year. So long, Elaine Gibbs. You were a better singer than Stacy—just not as openly desperate. And this show loves desperate. Finally, goodbye Melanie Amaro, you were robbed. Read More...


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