LAST MAN STANDING “Grandparent’s Day” Review

LAST MAN STANDING "Grandparent’s Day" Season 1 Episode 3 – Last Man Standing returned tonight, one week removed from its rousing success of a premiere, and now "Grandparent’s Day" is here to try to keep its audience in place. Well, when I say "Rousing success", I mean ratings wise. I don’t mean…you know…funny wise. Before I get started, in the interest of full disclosure, I actually saw this episode being filmed at CBS studios about a month ago. Unfortunately, it really hasn’t gotten any funnier in the meantime. Although you may hear me laughing in between bad punchlines, it really isn’t because it’s funny. It’s because they forced us. Forced us!

This show isn’t bad, it’s just incredibly mediocre. The jokes are poorly timed, badly written, and terribly edited. It’s not often that you notice things like editing on a multiple camera sitcom, but it’s so egregious on this show. All of the scenes seem like they’re cut and pasted together, they’re slapped together with little to no transitions, and even the sound effects for the door slamming sound incredibly fake. Read More....


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