HAWAII FIVE-0 “Ma’ema’e” Review

HAWAII FIVE-0 "Ma’ema’e" Season 2 Episode 5 – Things finally came to a head with the whole Kono situation and it turns out that those fans who were suspecting that Kono was actually working for IA were right. Turns out she was recruited by Fryer to take down Delano, who also just so happened to be Fryer’s ex-partner on the force.

Kono and Fryer’s little sting operation crosses over onto one of Five-0?s cases with dire consequences, when she ends up driving around with a dead guy in her car. This puts the team on her tail and after they catch her and the truth comes out, they have no choice but to send her back in to catch the bad guys.

I know a lot of us fans have felt as though Steve and the rest of the team had sort of left Kono out to dry, but I feel like they all really made up for it in this one. As soon as Steve finds out that Fryer put Kono in that much danger, he is immediately her protector and leader again and when she goes back in, this time she’s got them at her back. That made me very happy, as does the fact that it looks like she’s back for good now, judging by the last few second of this episode. Read More...



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May 18, 2015 5:08PM EDT

Well... I agree that we're all relieved with how the issue turned out for Kono,
HOWEVER I don't think they ALL made it up for her.

I mean... Chin was always there for her, Danno was... well, real busy with his love life

but STEVE, he's the boss... and the way he spoke to Kono on that room WOAAA wanted to smack him BAD !! I mean COME ON ! "why didn't she come to us" "we cannot protect her anymore" ... AIISHHH,that scene almost made me cry with Kono's amazing acting (love her more and moreeee).

BUT I think Steve could at least APOLOGIZE to her for mistaking her for a bad cop and a bad teamate. but anyway... That punch at the end was cool. Guess that's all we'll get from the famous former SEAL.

ANYWAY, the episode was amazing; and seriously KONO IS ONE OF THE REASONS i am watching this show... could she be ANY BETTER ! ♥♥

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