CASTLE “Eye of the Beholder” Review

CASTLE "Eye of the Beholder" Season 4 Episode 5 – Okay first up I just have to check. Did anyone else find themselves continuously giggling every time someone said the name "Falco" during this ep?

No? Just me? Okay then, moving on.

In this episode, Castle, Beckett and the rest of the team end up working with a new partner and the sparks fly as Beckett starts to feel a wee bit jealous of their new consultant. And why shouldn’t she? Serena is sexy (at least in Castle’s eyes, I’m rather biased to Kate of course) and even a blind person could see that Rick is attracted to her from the get-go. Even when they suspected that Serena might be their killer, Castle still held out that she wasn’t their culprit.

I really felt for Beckett in this one, but I also felt for Castle too. Beckett is the one who has chosen not to acknowledge the fact that Castle said he loved her. While I understand her need to take a step back after nearly dying, she also can’t blame him for showing interest in another woman when, for all he knows, Kate has no interest in a relationship with him. Read More...


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