SONS OF ANARCHY “Fruit for the Crows” Review

SONS OF ANARCHY "Fruit for the Crows" Season 4 Episode 7 - A visit to check out Alvarez’s coke cutting operation ends with a drive by – or should that be drive through – by persons unknown. Jax follows and discovers the driver’s location. The Sons learn that man was forced to take part by the Lobo Sonora cartel – but things go badly when a cartel member turns up and kills the man and his sister.

Back at home, Gemma discovers the death threat left for Tara. She discourages Tara from going to the police, telling her that the club will deal with it. Tara goes to the clubhouse for her own safety, and there treats a wounded Alvarez. But while there she overhears mention of the Sons new sideline in drugs. Tara is not happy.

Neither is Opie. He goes to the studio to tell Lyla about the death threat, but she tells him she can’t leave because of work. A prospect is left to wait for her and bring her to the clubhouse, but she sneaks away, collects her things from home, and leaves without telling Opie.

Linc Potter still had his sights fixed firmly on Juice, this week. He encourages – or rather blackmails – Roosevelt into convincing Juice to meet him with a sample of the coke, so that he can then bust him for possession. The plan is to make Juice play along by threatening to tell everyone that he’s working for the law, and that he stole from the Sons. ‘His fear will multiply exponentially around his brothers,’ Linc says. And it’s true. Between his guilt about Miles and the fear of the club finding out about both his father and his dealings with Roosevelt, Juice is terrified. Read More...


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