The X Factor Recap: Seventeen Finalists, 32 Fake-Outs

Elaine Gibbs endures Nicole's pre-decision bobs and weaves on The X Factor.

Hey, do you guys remember a couple of days ago, when I told you I was starting to love The X Factor? Well, tonight we started fighting. Our relationship is in jeopardy, but we are going to stay together. For YOU.

The show begins, as always, with 47 minutes of recap. As with American Idol, there are about eleven minutes of show in every two-hour show. Are you aware the prize is a $5 million recording contract? Did you know that all of these contestants want very badly to win it? Have you met our judges? Do you have this show recorded, and are you therefore able to fast-forward through this business? What does that feel like? Do you know how lucky you are?

The first two contestants to learn their fate are Tovah Feldshuh Tora Woloshin and Simone Battle. They’re kept waiting for dual eternities, while we learn our fate kind of quickly: Tonight is going to be a night of head-fakes and tricky edits. I’ve watched a few of these kinds of shows, so when Simon tells Simone "This is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make," I know she’s in. And I’m right, which is some bullshit. It’s back to cars and face tattoos for Tora. She calls her mother to deliver the bad news, and says "I just wanted to make you proud." There is a long, long pause before her mother finally responds with a decisive "Oh." Read More...


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