'Survivor: South Pacific': It's brawn or scrawn


On "Survivor: South Pacific," the losing tribe has some decisions to make about merge vs. immunity, numbers vs. loyalty and strength vs. lapdog.Redemption Island Christine vs. Elyse in a game of shuffle board. Rick cheers Christine a bit and she flips him the bird with the ol' "scratching your nose" ploy. That was weird. Rick/Sophie and Keith/Ozzy are the observers. Christine wins her fourth duel in a row to stay on the Island. On the way home, Sophie and Rick talk about how Christine is never going to rejoin Upolu if she comes back in the game.SavaiiOzzy is obviously not pleased about Elyse's ouster, especially because he wasn't in on it. After Tribal, he has a bit of a fit - says he's done with the alliance and he's a free agent. Done playing for anybody but himself. Um, everybody should be playing for him or herself. You got played, deal with it. Then he...



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