Nana Complete Collection Review

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As Nana plunges forward with another batch of episodes, the series really pushes that up and down nature of life for the twenty-something set when it comes to love, life and work. It's obviously exaggerated at times and the time compression of events makes you roll your eyes as so much is thrown at Hachi, but overall there's a lot of familiarity to be found here with what happens in life for many people at this stage.

On the love side of life, Hachi is going through the ups and downs pretty fierce. She's concerned about Shoji and the mysterious virtual Sachiko she's created in her mind without realizing that there is a real Sachiko. At this point, almost everyone else seems to know what's going on but Hachi and there are feelings of concern for both of them, as most understand how difficult Hachi can be but also that Shoji really needs to make things clear and figure it out himself. It's really a difficult situation but a lot of the problem really came when Shoji went and moved to Tokyo without Hachi and that time apart provided for several changes for Shoji, enough so that his feelings didn't necessarily lessen but that they changed. And now that Hachi is back in his life, what he feels isn't the same and it's not what he's looking for. But for Hachi, she's pined and worked hard to get back to him only to find that he's keeping her at a distance without saying why, mostly because he doesn't truly know himself.

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