American Horror Story Episode Three: The Heart's Filthy Lesson

american horror story

Tonight's American Horror Story dropped a plethora of back story and reveals on us tonight, and while you would think the information dump would clarify some things, it does the complete opposite.

Don't Make Me Kill You Again

So Constance did kill Moira for sleeping with her husband back in 1983. While we knew the two women had some sort of history of sorts, especially one involving a man and an affair gone wrong. The twists of the reveal however were that 1) Moira's soul can't escape the House no matter what she does and 2) that Constance was once a resident of the House, which explains how she gets into the House so deftly without being noticed. Popular theory on the internet was that Constance was also a victim/ghost of the House' past. However, I personally believe that last week's episode pretty much solved that mystery by showing Constance and Adelaide in their own house next door. Although the question remains on why would Constance want to get a house next door to the place where she committed a double murder and knows is haunted? Read More...


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