'Luther' Recap: 'Series 2, Episode 4' (2.04)

While trying to help Jenny cover up the death of Toby (the psychopathic grandson of Jenny's former madam Baba), Luther gets to deal with "twins with a shared psychosis" who look at their crimes as one big competitive game. I would complain here about how our hero cannot catch a break, but I'm not sure that he'd want one if he could get it. John Luther is not unlike an addict; he's consumed by the world he lives in and doesn't seem very interested in getting out.

Once again things start to spin out of control for Luther, being that he always seems to tackle more than he may be capable of controlling. One moment he's working with Justin on their case, as one of their perps breaks into a minivan and brutally murders its occupants in the middle of a traffic jam and there's no visible reaction, even as he leaves the scene of the crime with obvious blood spatter on his face. The next moment, Luther's trying to keep Jenny one step ahead of Baba's right-hand man Frank, who in turn is trying to get to Jenny through her mother Caroline.

Luther and Justin finally snag the twin who committed the minivan slayings, and try to convince him to turn on his brother. Robert makes his decision by a roll of the dice: he's not helping. (I'm going to have a real hard time not feeling uncomfortable the next time I break out the dice for a game of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.) At the same time, Jenny runs back to her mother, but when she figures out that Caroline is selling her out to Frank (or was she planning it all along?), she sets the both of them up. The cops arrive and find Toby's body in Frank's car, courtesy of Luther. Read More...



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