American Horror Story Review: "Murder House"

American Horror Story introduced a storyline on "Murder House" that was more unbelievable than any ghost tale or basement haunting: no doctor in the history of mankind would ever tell a patient she can't move because she's pregnant.

I know this FX drama had to answer the question of why the Harmons wouldn't just leave, but both the reasons given felt like a stretch. There was this wayward, inappropriate medical advice; and then there was Ben's admission that the family's money is tied up in the home itself.

They can't move unless they sell.. and good luck selling the star attraction on the Hollywood murder tour!

Granted, that's a small complaint for a show that isn't asking viewers to buy into its take on reality. It's just asking us to strap in for a gory, mysterious, suspenseful ride. And that wasn't difficult to do here.

We learned a lot more about the property and those familiar with it, including the history lesson many had been waiting for since Constance warned Moira on the pilot about killing her again. Yes, she apparently already did so. Back when Constance was married (and lived in the house?) and Moira was the pretty young thing Ben currently views her as. Read More...


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