Psych Review: Come On, Son!

What do donuts, ‘honeys’ and Ed Lover have in common? Shawn, Lassiter, Woody, Henry and of course, "Last Night Gus!" Hangovers have never looked this good, or been this funny. This episode will be one for the all-time-awesomeness list.

Hats off to Andy Berman for a truly hilarious Hangover-inspired episode! This is hands down one of the best executed primetime spoofs on the popular film. If you weren’t laughing from the minute "Last Night Gus" started, then you don’t have a pulse.

So let’s start analyzing!

One moment that really stood out to me right off the bat was Shawn’s massive freak out moment in the coroner’s office. It was a pretty self-reflective one at that. It really called my attention to the idea of what it might be like for Shawn to lose his gift. Who would he be without it? If his distressed plea to Woody, Lassiter and Gus was any indication, it seems Shawn was on the brink of a devastating realization that was just short of being fully realized. I suppose if it had been then this episode would have lost the critical edge of outrageously unexpected hilarity. But it was thoughtful of Berman to squeeze it in there in a way that didn’t feel forced. Read More...


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