'American Horror Story': The maid, the mad scientist, Ben's wife and his lover


The latest "American Horror Story" episode definitely was not as scary as the first two episodes, but it really added some nice layers to the storylines we've seen already and has us curious about several things too.It turns out the original owner of the house was an alcoholic Dr. Frankenstein who started performing back-alley abortions at the urging of his socialite wife, Nora, to earn extra money. Massive Headwound Nora is now creepily haunting Vivien and her unborn baby.Speaking of previous owners, the 1983 owners turn out to be a man (Eric Close) and Constance, presumably married. Close sleeps with Moira the maid, then tries to rape her, and they both get shot by Constance for their troubles. Moira is now trapped/tied to the house, as her corpse is buried in the backyard.Oh, and speaking of the backyard grave (the back graveyard?), Moira has a new buddy - Hayden, who showed up all boil-your-bunny crazy....



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