Recap: 'Survivor: South Pacific' - 'Free Agent'

No "X Factor" tonight, so "Survivor" recapping gets to be early again. Click through for my recap of the Wednesday (October 19) episode of "Survivor: South Pacific."

Pre-credit sequence. Poor Ozzy. He's so confused. "Blindsides are a funny thing," Ozzy mutters to Cochran. "I'm pretty pissed off," Ozzy says. "How can you trust somebody when they go behind your back," Ozzy continues. Around the fire, Ozzy announces that he's now a free agent and that he's playing for himself. It seems to me that Ozzy is the A-Rod of "Survivor," except that A-Rod eventually backed into a World Series, didn't he? Lots of flashy, ego-driven statistics. Not-so-terrific with the team play. Kinda a baby. "That's how you want it to be? Just you versus us?" Keith asks. Whitney tries reassuring Ozzy that the move wasn't against him, but Ozzy insists that whenever something is withheld from you, it's against you. When Whitney tells Ozzy he's withholding something himself, Ozzy admits that he has the Idol. Ozzy vows that he's going to let everything hang out there -- not literally "everything" or "hang out there," I assume -- and that if his tribe decides to send him backing, "there's always Redemption." Read More...


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