Modern Family Review: "Go Bullfrogs!"

Claire Dunphy spends a lot of her time being super mom and the enforcer of all rules, so it's great to see her get a little crazy for a night. In "Go Bullfrogs!" we even got to see how chill Claire really is compared to the other mothers in her neighborhood. "I've got Pinot!!!" Please tell me somebody has already made a GIF of that scene.

As appealing as it sounds to watch Gone with the Wind in the new screening room, and I'm not even being sarcastic because screening rooms are dope and GWTW is a classic, sometimes you just need to throw on something sexy, get some music blasting, throw back a few drinks, and gossip with your friends.

Also I have to give it to Claire, she looked great in that red dress and leather jacket. Normally I think she's just way too skinny and jacked, but that combo was a good look for her. Plus it didn't hurt that the other women were in mom jeans and cardigans. Read More...


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