Survivor: South Pacific 23.06 "Free Agent" Recap


If you missed last week's rather important episode, make sure you read my recap before moving on.

The episode begins at Savaii on Night 14.  The tribe returns to camp where Ozzy voices his displeasure at being blindsided.  He confesses that he can't trust Keith and Whitney.  He announces that he is done playing in an "alliance way," and is now a free agent that will be playing for himself.  Whitney says the vote wasn't against him, but Ozzy protests that they were keeping secrets form him.  Dawn says he's keeping stuff from them, and he replies that he has the Hidden Immunity Idol.  "Screw it, I'm just going to let everything hang out there," he says, finishing by saying that he always has Redemption Island if things don't work out.

The next morning at Savaii, Ozzy is still dumbfounded that his tribe ousted Elyse.  If the tribe wants to win Challenges, they need to trust him.  Jim thinks his plan is going perfectly as Ozzy is throwing a hissy fit.  In Jim's opinion, Ozzy should apologize for his behavior.  Cochran confides that Ozzy acting like a crybaby is great for him as it keeps him out of the spotlight. Read More...


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