'American Horror Story' recap: The Murder House Rules

When it comes to stories about relationships ruined by horndog infidelity, the blonde bombshell wrapped in red is usually the other woman, not the woman destroyed. ButAmerican Horror Story is not a show to indulge conventional thinking. The year is 1983, five years after the Infantata shredded the redheaded twins in the basement of chopped up baby parts. The house was derelict then. Now it is restored, home to a car salesman and his wife. Moira the housekeeper is not yet a female Janus with a dead right eye. She’s Moira Jr. young, though Moira Sr. weary. She’s smoothing the sheets when the man of the house bumbles in drunk. He's a handsome rake with a Schwarzeneggerian regard for The Help, and since the episode doesn't give him a name, let's call him The Man. The Man suggests they make a mess of the newly made bed. Moira refuses The Man. She says the one time they fooled around was a mistake. "I was just lonely," she says. The Man, a smidge hurt, sweetens the offer. "You want a new Camaro? We got a new shipment in yesterday." Moira doesn’t want the wheels, and she probably doesn’t like being treated like a whore, either. She just wants to do her job, and more immediately, she wants out of the room. That’s a no-go for The Man. He pushes her down and forces himself on her. The Man is writhing on her in his tighty-whiteys when the woman in red enters. The lady of the house. The Man's wife. Constance. Looking 30 years younger than we know her via Benjamin Button Botox. And she has a gun. Read More...



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