'Pretty Little Liars' Halloween Special Recap: 'The First Secret'

This is where it all began: "The First Secret." Last night's "Pretty Little Liars" Halloween episode delivered many tasty treats (and—predictably—a few trecherous tricks) as we went back to Halloween 2008, when Alison was still breathing, Jenna could still see and Hanna was still hefty. The series' writers really outdid themselves connecting all the dots—and we loved it.

As the liars (all five of them!) debated the merits of "...Baby One More Time" Britney versus bald Britney for Hanna's Halloween costume, Noel Kahn pulled up, inviting the girls to his Halloween bash. "Prepare to be scared," he said with a mischievous grin. I think it was a warning to the audience, as well.

Alison went to the costume store to buy her Lady Gaga outfit (which was so ahead of the curve seeing as this was way back in 2008), but some bitch was already eyeing a Mother Monster get-up—Jenna! Her mom had just married Toby's dad, arriving in Rosewood just in time for the holiday. She'd obviously caught plenty of attention already, considering Noel had invited her to his fete. Alison introduced herself and not-so-politely suggested Jenna dress as something else since she was already dressing as Lady G. Her phone then chimed with what could have been the very first text from A, reading, "I'm watching you." We can't know for sure whether it was an A original, seeing as it came from a blocked number and didn't have the usual sign-off, but perhaps this was the first step in the stalker's evolution. Read More...



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