Survivor’s Elyse on Being Blindsided: I Had Absolutely No Idea

Before heading to the South Pacific for Survivor's 23rd season, former Miss America contestant Elyse Umemoto said: "It's not just my character traits that make me a winner. It's literally in my blood to survive. I'm engaging, personable and a master at reading people." But Umemoto's ability to read her teammates failed her: her elimination was the season's first blindsiding.  Viewers thought Umemoto had been taken under the veteran wing of Ozzy, guaranteeing her safety for weeks to come. But when her tribe, Savaii, turned on the power couple, the 27-year-old Umemoto was floored. We chatted with her about her elimination, the hardest part about the experience and who she doesn't want to win the million.


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