THE MIDDLE “Bad Choices” Review

The Middle "Bad Choices" Season 3 Episode 6 – At my mom’s insistence last year, I decided to give The Middle a chance. I wasn’t the biggest Patricia Heaton fan and I never really got into "Everybody Loves Raymond" so it never really caught my attention. Because my mom and I like many of the same shows, I decided to stop being so stubborn and give it a try. While not over the top funny, the show is very consistent and there are elements of The Middle that I look forward to seeing each week, which brings me to this week’s episode, "Bad Choices."

Tonight did not disappoint and we got to see a few familiar faces from Seasons 1 and 2. We got to see Sue’s ex-boyfriend Brad, the flamboyant, tap dancing, lip gloss wearing, Broadway musical lover. Welcome back Brad! Brad returned to The Middle without missing a beat – within his first 30 seconds on air we got to hear him drop a "chillax." I was thrilled that he and Sue partnered up to once again become overachieving, tirelessly enthusiastic partners in crime set to song and dance without an ounce of self awareness. Read More...


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