UP ALL NIGHT “Birth” Review

UP ALL NIGHT "Birth" Season 1 Episode 6 – We traveled back in time a bit in "Birth," this week’s Up All Night, to watch the day almost a year ago when Amy first entered Chris and Regan’s lives. I’m glad they waited this long to show us that day; we’re far more attached to the characters now and the whole event had much more meaning.

Being a good, modern mother-to-be, Regan had a birth plan all mapped out which included her nice, female doctor, her iPod playlist and her special headband to keep her from sweating and looking gross. But after going into labor early (before her scheduled maternity leave), the whole plan quickly unraveled.

We know by now that leaving anything important up to Ava is a bad idea, but for some reason, Regan trusted her BFF to bring all of her birthing stuff to the hospital. Well, Ava doesn’t like hospitals and she wasn’t at all on board with the whole baby thing, so she stalled for time. If not for assistant Missy blackmailing her with an offer to cut her Little House on the Prairie hair, she might have missed the whole thing. Read More...



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